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Mesh Crib Liner

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Loved by my child (Good condition with 1 or 2 scratches etc)
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  • BABY SAFE :Perfect solution to keep limbs inside the crib! & it keeps your baby from hitting his/her head.
  • DESIGNED BY PARENTS ITSELF: Yes we have given chance to the parents itself to design the product so that they will make the product by keeping babies safety on their mind..
  • FABRIC BENEFITS : The material allows for heightened ventilation and breathability by allowing air to flow .This is a revolutionary advantage over traditional liner which often restrict airflow, causing warmth and Suffocation. The added ventilation also reduces the chance of unwanted odours.This will keeps your baby mind fresh, cool & most important Healthy..
  • HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE : Honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal cells that honeybees make out of wax. The Honeycomb shape is present everywhere in nature: in plants, animal and human cells. No other shape provides such an optimal cover and strength. It is one of the most stable structures.Honeycomb structures are natural or man-made structures that have the geometry of a honeycomb to allow the minimization of the material used to reach minimal weight and maximum strength.
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Baby (0-1 Year)
Loved by my child (Good condition with 1 or 2 scratches etc)
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The crib liner was a savior for me and has been very lovingly used. In great condition.
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