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Waterproof Silicone Bib Rice Pocket

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Baby eating good partner. Non-toxic, soft and comfortable, easy to clean. Wet & dirty cotton bib is difficult to clean. Such Cotton bibs are easy to breed bacteria. Waterproof bibs help you solve problems. It is light weight about 79g, so the baby feels no weight. Soft and easy to roll. The three-dimensional small pockets are very sturdy and easy to catch falling food. Due to 5 hole round buckle, it is adjustable for 0-6 years old baby neck. Adjustable neck opening for perfect fit., On safe Bibs are made of highest quality silicone. Our bibs keep your child healthy and clean., Ergonomic pocket design catches falling food and drinks thus saving the love that you put in making best meals for your young champion. The pocket stays open, ready to save you time in cleaning the mess after mealtime., Wipes clean easily and is top rack dishwasher safe., Special design for infant to toddler baby Non-toxic, non-stick finish, safety use for babies.

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