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Yobler - A one stop marketplace for preloved products

by Neha Shroff

Yobler - A one stop marketplace for preloved products

 The use of pre-owned goods has contributed significantly to the protection of the environment and its resources. By purchasing used goods rather than brand-new ones, you maintain the same level of quality while sparing the environment from the production of brand-new raw materials and finished products.

It is true that buying used helps the environment by saving resources, but it also helps solve many other problems and reduces pollution. Creating new clothing and plastic goods generates a lot of pollution. This solution significantly protects the environment.

Now, you must be wondering – why should I buy pre-loved or Pre-Loved clothes? Is it safe for my baby? 

Yobler has all the answers you need

1. Scientifically-backed reasons for using Pre-Loved clothes for your baby: Science says that new clothes are fabricated and processed which means there’s an excess of  chemicals present on the surface and fibers of the cloth. Hence, using second hand clothes is  the best option you can choose for your new-born. Pre-loved clothes are already  used and washed and hence there are minimal to no chances of having chemical or  synthesized fiber on the cloth.As a result, you will not only save money but also protect the skin of your toddler.

2. Advantages of using pre-loved clothes for your toddler: 

Babies grow fast, very fast! Their clothes become unfit for them sooner than ever. It means  buying more and more clothes to suit your baby which ultimately leads to more expenditure  on buying clothes. But, if you join a group of moms who pass down their pre-loved baby  clothes to other members or inform your family members about keeping the pre-loved clothes  of your babies then you will save a lot of money and receive a lot of side advantages along 

with it as well such as saving your baby from the risk of unnecessary and harmful allergy due  to the chemicals present on the fabric of new clothes. 

Now you must be wondering where you can find hygienically washed pre-loved clothes for your baby?

That’s where Yobler steps in! Yobler has hand-picked the best pre-loved baby clothes for you at amazing prices. We run a quality check on all the products before listing them on our website and all the pre-loved baby clothes are disinfected and washed before being delivered to the customer.

Yobler is advancing the same cause for baby products.  A self-fulfilling journey towards sustainability. 

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