Seller Guide

Seller Guide


A platform that provides a new home to all the products that you no longer use. Save space in your house, save the products from ending up in a landfill and help someone who is looking for it!


Follow a few simple and easy steps to become a part of the Yobler Family


To register as a seller, you will first need to create your user account. From your user account, access the seller registration link from your ‘my account’ section and fill in the details to complete the registration process.

Click if you are already Registered with Yobler 

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Listing & Managing your product (Click) 

Picture Guidelines (Click)  

Packing Guidelines (Click)  

Using Your Seller Panel (Click) 

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1. Log In 

Log in to your Seller Account  

2. Product Category 

Select a category and the relevant subcategories for your product. If the product does not  fall in any of the categories, please select others. 

If you are not sure what categories your products belong to, please refer to our Categories  Guidelines.  

Tip – If you are not sure of the category, please search for similar products and see what  category they are listed under. 

Click here for product categories (To link to the product category section below) 

3. Product Details 

Fill in the Products title – The title should be brief and describe the product in full details 

Tip - If you're stuck for ideas, search your chosen keyword and product on your store's  marketplace  

Write the product description - Product description should contain all the important details  about your products like its features or any specification including the benefits of the  purchase. 

Fill In the Remaining Fields- Although not all fields are mandatory, we recommend you to fill  all the fields to increase the chances of your products being sold. Win the buyer’s trust by  providing all the relevant product information.

Shipping Fields- Please fill in the packed product’s weight and dimensions on the form for  shipping cost calculation and duration for the buyer.  

4. Product Image 

To create a listing, please upload minimum 3 pictures of the product. We recommend  keeping the clearest, most attractive image as the first one. The first image will appear when  a customer views the product and a good image will draw their interest to click and look  further. 

In case of any scuff marks/damages/scratches, please ensure that these are clearly visible in  the picture.  

Please Note: For any products listed at over Rs. 3,000/-, we would require an additional  video check to proceed with the listing of the product. Please mail us a video of the product  clearly showing all the angles and any marks/damages to the products on 

Fact - "93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a  purchasing decision."  

Click here for product picture guidelines (Click) 

5. Set a Price 

Decide on a price for your product. This will depend on the nature of the product, the  condition of the product, the purchase price, amongst other things. 

Please Note: List your selling price inclusive of transaction fee (15%) and GST where applicable.

6. Select Method of Delivery 

We have created a seamless delivery process for you. You will just need to pack and label  the goods to hand over to our logistics partner and we will deliver the product to the  customer. However, for larger items, if you prefer to only have a local pick up, please  indicate the same in the appropriate field. 

7. Submit the Listing 

Once the listing is verified by our team, it will be published. 


In case of any queries or assistance about the process, please write to us on the live chat or  mail us


Please check your message centre periodically to manage any communications from buyers  regarding your products.  

If buyers reach out to us with any product queries, we will contact you for additional  clarifications. 


Once a good is sold, you will be intimated regarding the same by email.  

Our team/our logistics partner will be in touch with you to coordinate the pick-up of the  items. Please ensure that the item is packed and kept ready and labelled (You will be able to  print the shipping label from your seller panel). Please ensure the goods are safely and  adequately packed to avoid any damages in transit. (Click) 

If the product is marked for local pick up, coordination between buyer and seller will be  managed by our team to facilitate the process. 

Please calculate your product's shipping details and record them in the form fields below. 

• Product Dimensions 

• Product Weight 


Once the goods are delivered to the buyer, and he confirms that the products are as  described in the listing, the transaction will be marked as cleared for payment. It will be  processed to your bank account in the next payment cycle. (Payments are processed by  Yobler on the 15th& 30th of every month) The buyer is given 1 day post-delivery to confirm if  the products are in line with the product description.  

In case of any discrepancies in the product delivered, our team will get in touch with you and  the buyer to resolve the issue and proceed on the basis of mutual consensus. (Please refer  to our grievance redressal guide for more details) 


You can manage all the products that you have listed from your Seller Account and make  changes as and when needed. Please ensure you disable any listings of products that are no  longer available for any reason


Good pictures are often the key to a successful sale. Arrange for the best shots of your  products, highlighting the best aspects. 

Follow the below picture guidelines 

Mandatory Images  

•Product Front View 

•Product Back View 

•Product Side View (If applicable) 

•Dimensions Image (If possible), Size reference image (If possible, e.g. With a scale next to  the product) 

•For products with unique features (e.g. folding) – picture of the feature 

•For packed Product – Picture of product in packaging 

•For products with defect - Zoomed picture of any defects etc. on product 

•For products over 3k Listing price – Please email us a video of the product (in a running  condition where applicable) on – Clearly listing the account holder  display name & the name of the product. 


• Images of the product on a plain white background 

Tip: Use a white bedsheet or a white wall as the backdrop of the product in a well-lit  space.

• Ensure the entire product is visible in the picture frame, and product covers 70% of the  picture 

• Use Medium to High-Resolution pictures in Jpeg format 

• Good to Keep for your records 

• Image of products as dispatched. 

• Picture of all the components of the product. 

 Additional Points: 

• It is preferred for the main images to be professional photographs of the actual product.  Do not show any additional accessories; props that might confuse the customer; text  that is not part of the product; or inset images. 

• The picture should match with the product. 


1. Why is packaging so important? 

• It ensures product safety. 

• Reduces loss and damage during transit 

• Reduces the number of returns 

• Creates a good customer impression, resulting in better reviews and feedback.

2. Useful Materials that will help while packing  

• Strong Packing Tape – Transparent or Brown 

• Bubble Wrap Sheets or Bubble Wrap Bags 

• Tamper-proof Courier Bags (Poly Bags) 

• Collapsible Cardboard Box 

• Air Pouch/Void Fillers 

• Paper 

• Foam Sheets 

• Packing Slip – Please paste this clearly and securely on the top of your package.  

Note: The packing slip will be available on your seller panel account on for  printing it out. 

3. Sourcing Packaging Material 

• Your local Stationery Store 

• Your local Raddiwala 

• Go Green & Reuse the packaging from all your online purchases! 

Packaging Guide for Specific Products  

1. Loose (movable) products. 

• To make sure the loose products are delivered securely, please tighten the product by  covering with a non-adhesive band or removable tape. 

• For products like footwear, make sure the product must be packaged with no shoe  material exposed and can be packed in either in shoe boxes or in poly bags. 

• Combo packs or Sets

• Products that are combo packs or sets must be marked as a single unit on their  packaging. For example, "Single unit. Do not separate." 

2. Boxed products 

The material used should be hard enough to avoid collapse when medium pressure is  applied to any of the sides. 

3. Poly-bagged products 

Poly-bags that are used to protect the products must have a suffocation warning and it must be completely sealed. 

Packaging fragile units 

Fragile Units should be packaged with care so they will not break and possibly create a  safety hazard during storage, shipment preparation, or shipment to the customer. A  fragile unit must be packaged in either a six solid-sided box, or completely secured in  bubble wrap, so the unit is not exposed in any way. 

Individually wrap or box all units to prevent damage 

Wrap multiple products individually to prevent them from damaging one another within  their package. Do not leave empty space in the box. Make sure the product is protected  with bubble wrap, preventing parts from snagging. 

Packaging batteries 

• Ensure that batteries are secured within the packaging to prevent battery terminals from  coming into contact with metals (including other batteries). Batteries cannot be expired  or damaged and, if sold in packs, expiration dates must be visible on the packaging.  These packaging guidelines include batteries sold in packs and multi-pack sets of  batteries. 

• Ensure that re-packaged batteries are in boxes or clamshell packaging that is securely  sealed. 

• Do not ship batteries that could become loose in/from the packaging. • Re-packaged batteries secured in clamshell plastic that has been taped or shrink wrapped closed. 

• Re-packaged batteries secured in clamshell plastic that has been taped or shrink- wrapped closed.

Packaging Plush Products 

• Package plush units, such as stuffed toys, animals, and puppets, so that they don’t get  damaged during receipt, stocking, shipment preparation, or shipment to the customer.  Units must be placed in a sealed poly bag or shrink-wrapped. 

• Place plush products in sealed bags, marked with a suffocation warning label. • Ensure there are no exposed surfaces to prevent damage. 

• Ensure there are no exposed surfaces to prevent damage.

Packaging apparel, fabric, and textiles 

• Cloth, fabric, and textiles must be packaged with care as these products can be damaged  by dust or humidity. It is advisable to sealed poly bag, shrink wrap or box. • Use boxes for materials such as leather that could be damaged by bags or shrink wrap.

Expiration dates 

Products that expire must include the expiration date. 

No Additional Marketing materials to be placed inside the packaging 

Please make sure there are no Additional Marketing materials to be placed inside the  packaging. 

Basic drop test requirements 

All products must be able to withstand a 3-foot drop test without the contents of the  container leaking or spilling. Products that cannot withstand the drop test must be  packaged in poly bags  

Quick Reference Guide 

Category  Bubble Wrap Layers B
Apparel N/A Poly Bag/Box
Footwear N/A  Poly Bag/Box
Bags 2 to 3 layersPoly Bag/Box
Appliances 3 to 4 layersBox
Toys 2 to 3 layers  As per item
Oversized items3 to 4 layersCorrugated Sheets
Baby Products Depending on items   (If needed - 2 to 3 layers)  As per item  Eg. Wipes & Diapers in Poly Bags Eg. Creams & Shampoos in Box


• List & Manage Your Products 

• View Orders & Print Packing Slips 

• Communicating with customers through message centre (Click)

Reverse Marketplace - Some Prompts on what else you can list?  

The Yobler team is always happy to help buyers find the perfect product on the platform. To  ensure that the buyer’s requirements are met, we regularly send “Looking For” emails to our  sellers with a list of buyer requirements. We suggest to keep a check on the emails for anything  that you could supply. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more details.) 

Covid precautions 

Yobler’s goal is to be able to provide its customers the best and safe products. Sellers have to  properly sanitize all the products before packaging and handing it over to the pick-up person.  Please ensure that the pick-up person has taken all the necessary safety precautions before  handing the product to him. We recommend the buyers to also sanitize the products properly  and using it after 48 hours to avoid any chances of transmission. 


1.1. In the event any order is reversed due to “Damaged product”, “Quality Issue”, “Not  delivered” or “Wrong Item delivered”, Vendor agrees that the Company shall levy the  Service charges, return shipping charges plus a penalty of 20% of the service charge of the  product (up to a maximum limit of Rs. 500) and the said charges will be deducted from the  amount due and payable to Vendor. 

1.2. Further Company shall debit the Service charges plus a penalty of 20% of the product sold,  to the Vendor in the event the product cannot be delivered by the Vendor due to “out of  stock” and in such an event Vendor shall be liable to bear all the cost and claims (including  cost of legal proceedings, cost of attorneys, claims, etc.) raised against the Company. 

1.3. Payment reimbursement of the Sale Proceeds to Vendor shall be done by Company in the  following manner: 

• Payments for delivered products that have cleared the return window are processed every  15th and 30th of the month. 

• The Company shall deposit the amount via online transfers to the vendors bank accounts • The Company shall deduct charges as specified in above and agreed with the Vendor from  the total amount collected as Price for the orders received by the Vendor through online  store. 

• The Company shall deduct charges as specified in above and agreed with the Vendor from the total amount collected as Price for the orders received by the Vendor through online store.


• Log in seller panel. Then click to “order - > view order” top menu

Click the view icon for the order that has to be processed to view the order details

In Order details page, It show all details in this placing orders. (ex - ship/bill address, payment details, order status, Customer notes, Delhivery details ex.. )

Click on 'Print Invoice' and print the invoice and then click the button 'Create Shipment Delivery' to initiate the shipment of your product.

The previous button for 'Create Shipment Delivery' changes to 'Print Packing Slip'

Click on 'Print Packing Slip' which redirects to packing slip page when it successfully initiates

Click on the 'Print Label' button to print the Label with barcode.

Paste the Label on the box which will be used by the delivery executive to scan and pick-up the order.